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Flying BioMed Advisor / Technician

Artsen zonder grenzen


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent, medical, emergency relief organisation that provides assistance to people worldwide, regardless of their background, religion or political convictions. Above all, we aim to save lives and to offer medical care to victims of disasters, wars and epidemics. Working together with local staff, we give direct support to the population. MSF also appeals to those in power, including governments and international organisations, and speaks out about the abuses we encounter in the course of our work. 

MSF coordinates operations through collaborations between global offices. ‘Artsen zonder Grenzen Nederland’ (MSF-Holland) has a partnership with offices in Germany, India and the UK. This partnership, known as MSF Operational Centre Amsterdam (MSF-OCA), operates medical humanitarian interventions in about 30 countries. MSF-OCA deploys 1,300 international staff per annum and employs 8,500 national staff.

The office of MSF-Holland is located in Amsterdam and hosts more than 300 employees, offering direct support to MSF-OCA operations.

The Logistics Department (LogD) supports the overall purpose of MSF, providing logistics and technical support to the OCA field operations. The department is responsible for providing strategic direction, integrated advice and hands on support to logistics and technical issues in the field. The department is made up of the Field Support Unit (FSU) and the Amsterdam Procurement Unit (APU).

The Field Support Unit (FSU) within the Logistics department is looking for candidates for the position of:

Flying BioMed Advisor / Technician

(Field Based Technical Support Officer)

100% (80% time spent in the field)

The FSU is responsible for the first and second line support to field logisticians and operational decision makers, and for developing relevant policies, procedures, guidance, and tools to support the field logisticians in their daily work. Daily management of the FSU is delegated to one Coordinator for direct Operational support (Operational Logistics Coordinator), and one Coordinator for Back Office Support.

The FSU consists of a group of generalist Front Officers (based in Amsterdam and Berlin) working directly with operations in HQ and the field, a group of technical/expert Back Officers who are responsible to provide specific support in a number of disciplines, and FSU flying technicians/specialists.

Position within the organisation

The Flying BioMed management advisor/technician resides under the Head of the Logistics Department and reports directly to the Operational Logistics Coordinator of the Field Support Unit. He/she will be functionally managed by the FSU Back Officer BioMed and Cold Chain and co-operates closely with the members of the Field Support Unit (Front & Back office, Flying Specialists), Amsterdam Procurement Unit, other support departments, and Logistics Co-ordinators in the field.

Main objectives of the post

  • Overall Objective: to provide on the ground biomedical (including lab equipment) expertise based on needs above and beyond normal competencies found in MSF-OCA field missions.
  • Perform field support visits / consultancies following an agreed Terms of Reference (ToR) and in accordance with FSU Consultancy Guideline.
  • To support implementation of the MSF-OCA Biomed policy in MSF-OCA missions by:
  • analysing the current situation in the field, designing, and supervising the installation of improved biomed systems;
  • executing installation of improved systems directly;
  • conducting assessment of the local market for availability of quality spares, supplies and equipment , and following the MSF-OCA medical local purchase (MLP) process.
  • assessing the quality of local / regional service provides (i.e. maintenance, repairs, preventive servicing, trainings, etc.).
  • To support local electricians capacity by providing on the job training to MSF-OCA electricians.
  • Support the LogCo and missions in writing and/or updating the country / mission specific Biomed policies & SOPs.
  • Support medical equipment management in MSF-OCA missions and improve technical capacity by providing on the job training to MSF BioMed Technicians, technical logisticians supporting medical equipment, and medical counterparts. This includes laboratory equipment.
  • Perform maintenance and service activities on medical equipment.
  • On request do the above for other MSF-OC’s making use of their policies and standards.
  • Set up biomed services in the start-up of (large scale) emergencies (only when required).

Core responsibilities and tasks

  • Assess BioMed management systems in MSF projects (use of logbook/biomed binder, periodical checks and maintenance, workshop administration, spares administration and -control, use of genuine spares, spares stock levels and -ordering, responsibilities and organogram) according to MSF standards.
  • Assess local (sub-) contractors for quality of services.
  • Write improvement plans for Biomed support and medical equipment management in missions as well as with the related job descriptions, planning, organogram and budget.
  • Supervise established and on-going technical work. Train staff on-the-job.
  • Help selecting local biomed technicians.
  • Execute installation of medical equipment and improved systems.
  • Perform maintenance and service activities on BioMed equipment in support to the local technicians and for those types of services which can only be performed by specially trained or certified staff.
  • Assist the FSU BO BioMed and Cold Chain of the FSU in improving field tools based on experience gained in this job.
  • Write an implementation plan for the improved biomed setup in missions and incorporate this into the mission specific biomed policy.
  • Assist mission in developing the mission specific Biomed policy and SOPs.
  • Introduction of MSF standard tools in the field. Safeguard standardization across the MSF-OCA missions.
  • Assist the FSU BO in improving field tools based on experience gained in this job.
  • Provide second line support to field missions (when required).
  • Support cold chain equipment (technical aspects) in the field missions (when required).

Candidate profile

  • Work experience in MSF is a strong asset, preferably as Biomed Technician (or similar role), Technical Logistician or All-round Logician in at least two missions.  However, experience in a similar job outside MSF are very welcome to apply.
  • Proven BioMed technical skills and knowledge, through relevant education or work experience.
  • Good communication skills, a high degree of autonomy and a proven track record delivering training.
  • Willingness to spend approximately 80-90% of his/her time in the field on assignments of around two months each with 10% in the Amsterdam office.
  • Willingness to travel and work in insecure areas with different and diverse field teams.
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken); good working knowledge of French is an advantage. Knowledge of Arabic or Russian languages is a plus.


  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Results & Quality orientation
  • Planning & Organsisation

We offer

  • A 100% appointment with the possibility to choose for a part-time appointment.
  • 80-90% working in the field, 10-20% working in the office to support the biomed or prepare/follow-up field visits, travel for facilitating trainings and attending trainings for personal development.
  • The Flying BioMed Advisor is in scale 5 with a gross monthly salary between € 2,484.- and € 3,548.- based on relevant professional experience for this position in MSF and for a 40-hour working week.
  • Training on the MSF standard BioMed management systems and MSF standard BioMed equipment.
  • A stimulating, professional working environment in an international organisation

More information?

If you are interested in this post and would like additional information, please contact Begench Dzhumageldyev, Operational Logistics Coordinator:  or +31 20 5208928 or Seán King, BO Biomed of the FSU,  or at +31 (0) 20 520 8734.


If you believe that you fit the profile, you can apply directly here. Please upload a letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae in English as one combined document.

Deadline for application is  5  June 2020.

Interviews will be held in the week commencing 15 June 2020

***acquisition is not appreciated***

Artsen zonder grenzen

Mensen in nood
Naritaweg 10, 1043 BX Amsterdam, Nederland
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Artsen zonder Grenzen, Plantage Middenlaan, Amsterdam, Nederland
Flying BioMed Advisor / Technician
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