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RNW Media

RNW Media is an international organisation based in the Netherlands that aspires to empower young women and men to unleash their own potential for social change, in a way that suits the young people themselves.

RNW Media focuses on young people aged between 15 and 30 who live in fragile or repressive states that are usually going through civil unrest and conflict. These young people often represent the majority of their country’s population, yet they’re ignored and denied crucial information and services. They want to speak freely, have conversations about what really matters to them – both personally and politically – and find the information they need to make their own choices about their future.

Young people make up a huge proportion of the population in many of these countries, and they are the ones who will inhabit the future, yet the people in power are mostly old men. So RNW Media’s goal is to empower young people to be the citizens they want to be, in the society they want to be in.

The approach is to facilitate young people to form opinions and influence society. RNW Media’s main tool to amplify young people’s voices is the digital media they use themselves.

This is constantly developing, so it’s vital to stay innovative and curious. With the data it gathers, RNW Media gains insight into young people’s needs and desires. The ultimate aim is that projects RNW Media sets up should become sustainable and be handed over to partners in the target countries.

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RNW Media

Witte Kruislaan 55a, 1217 AM Hilversum, Nederland

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