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IMOVE Foundation

The first step in eliminating terrorism and improving the future of refugee children is uprooting the terror of trauma in their bodies. Access to the right activities and tools that enable refugees to discharge their traumas and regain a sense of aliveness are more than ever crucial. Without them, displaced children won’t be able to succeed and continue their education, feel included in the host society nor will they be able to unlock their potential in order to have a better future. This will also result in major economic costs and will threaten the safety and security worldwide.

The IMOVE Foundation is a non-profit foundation which promotes free expressive movement, yoga and dance sessions to refugees and disadvantaged children and women in Syria’s neighboring countries. These activities help heal conflict-affected children and women from their traumas, to enhance their resilience and mental wellbeing giving them the opportunity and tools to be able to unleash their social, educational and health potential.

The IMOVE foundation’s mission is to enhance the wellbeing, mental health and resilience of children and women who are victims of war and trauma, to empower them to take charge of their destinies and to end domestic violence. IMOVE achieves this through:

  • Providing yoga, mindfulness and free expressive movement sessions in education centers, cultural centers and schools.

  • Training aid workers, social workers and teachers to offer movement, yoga and dance therapy to refugee children as well as their parents to end violence within households.

  • Organizing workshops and trainings in which social workers can enhance their skills in yoga and movement therapy sessions.

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