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A rapid response to water related disasters
DSS water (Dutch Surge Support) supplies water experts to humanitarian organisations that are active during and immediately after a disaster. In this way the experts add to saving lives and relieve the suffering of a vulnerable population that is affected by disaster. DSS water was established early 2015 as an initiative of the Dutch government and the Dutch Red Cross. The execution of this facility is with the Dutch Red Cross, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in cooperation with the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

The experts
The pool of the DSS water group consists of – primarily selected – top experts in the water management field, WASH and corresponding expertise areas. Each of them is experienced in working in emergency situations and in an international environment and has completed the necessary safety trainings. Because of their skills and experience these experts can make a crucial contribution in challenging circumstances.
Experts can be deployed within 48-72 hours. Deployment varies from several weeks to a few months. Besides deployment DSS water can offer support from the Netherlands as well.

Deploying experts
Based on previously stated cooperation contracts (standby agreements) between DSS water and a demanding international humanitarian organisation, a request for support during or after a humanitarian disaster can be submitted. The expert is contracted by the RVO but will be deployed and supported in close cooperation with the demanding organisation. The demanding organisation is expected to support logistical matters such as visa, local transport, accommodation, etc. where possible. As a matter of principal experts are not paid a salary, but they do receive a cost reimbursement. Experts with no income during the deployment are eligible for a base fee.

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