BRIDGE Media and Elections module launched

There is an intricate relationship between well-conducted, democratic elections and a fluid and positive communication between electoral management bodies (EMBs) and the media. During elections, the EMB relies on the media to provide election news to the public, to conduct voter education and to provide access to electoral contestants to communicate their programmatic platforms. The media, in its turn, relies

Joint statement on the European Commission's proposal for the establishment of the 'Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument' of the EU Budget

The Office of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) to the European Union, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), and the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) welcome the publishing by the European Commission of its detailed proposal for establishing the ‘Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI)’of the next EU budget, which covers the majority

Out of Country Voting for migrants and refugees: dilemmas and best practices

At present, 151 countries out of 216 countries included in the International IDEA Voting from Abroad database have in place a legal framework for Out-of-Country Voting (OCV), while the remaining 65 countries have no system in place for citizens traveling or living abroad to cast their vote in elections. When the International IDEA Handbook on Out of Country Voting was

Paraguay: The challenges facing Abdo Benítez

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this commentary are those of the staff member. This commentary is independent of specific national or political interests. Views expressed do not necessarily represent the institutional position of International IDEA, its Board of Advisers or its Council of Member States. Este artículo se encuentra disponible en Castellano. Last Wednesday, 15 August 2018, Mario Abdo Benítez (Marito,

Paraguay: Los desafios de Abdo Benítez

Declaración: Las opiniones expresadas en este comentario son las del miembro del personal. Este comentario es independiente de intereses nacionales o políticos específicos. Las opiniones expresadas no representan necesariamente la posición institucional de International IDEA, su Consejo de Asesores o su Consejo de los Estados Miembros. This article is available in English. El pasado miércoles 15 de agosto, Mario Abdo

International IDEA Regional Director discusses Constitution implementation with Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs

On 17 August 2018, International IDEA Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Ms Leena Rikkila Tamangand Mr Antonio Spinelli, Head of Mission for Nepalmet with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Pradeed Kumar Gyawali in Kathmandu.Discussioncovered Nepal’s current political context, and touched upon the journey Nepal has travelled towardconsolidation of its democratic systemsince the signing of the Peace Agreement in

X Ibero-American Conference: Threats and challenges of social networks for electoral justice

The X Ibero-American Conference on Electoral Justice took place in Panama City, from 6-8 August 2018, with the theme “Social networks: threats and challenges for electoral justice.” The conference was organized by the Electoral Tribunal of Panama in collaboration with International IDEA. Este artículo se encuentra disponible en Castellano. The meeting, which has since 2009 brought together the highest leadership

The Global State of Democracy in Focus at IPSA 2018 Congress

On 22 July 2018, International IDEA convened a panel at the International Political Science Association World Congress in Brisbane, Australia, entitled “The Global State of Democracy: Crisis or Trendless Fluctuation”. International IDEA invited leading scholars to discuss the global state of democracy and to evaluate whether extant measures of democracy are helpful tools to reveal the trends. At the panel,