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Fiji Steps into Second Electoral Cycle of parliamentary elections

Fiji’s 2018 parliamentary elections took place on 14 November with over 630,000 registered voters at 2,173 polling stations, including advanced and postal voters. With heavy rain and a tropical disturbance throughout the voting day, the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) postponed voting in 25 polling stations to 17 November. This year’s turnout is expected to be lower compared to the 2014

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Establishing confidence in the judiciary: Why Meaza Ashenafi should lead a process of judicial vetting

.رؤساء ومفوضي ومسؤولي الإدارة الانتخابية الذين يمثلون الجزائر وجزر القمر وكرواتيا والأردن وليبيا وفلسطين والصومال وجزر القمر وممثلي منظمات مثل جامعة الدول العربية والمؤسسة الدولية للنظم الانتخابية

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International IDEA contributes to A-WEB Election Management Capacity-Building Programme for Election Officials in Incheon, South Korea

Relations between the media and electoral authorities can be strained or uneasy, and the result of such strained relations can be misinformation ormissed opportunities.Since public confidence (and ultimately acceptance of the electoral results) is at stake, there can be no doubt of the importance for electoral management bodies (EMBs) tobuilding solid working relations with the media to ensure that the

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Danske Bank: a warning signal for the unusual suspects

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this commentary are those of the staff member. This commentary is independent of specific national or political interests. Views expressed do not necessarily represent the institutional position of International IDEA, its Board of Advisers or its Council of Member States. Denmark just announced it will revamping its Financial Supervisory Authority. The news follows weeks of turmoil

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What to expect from the first round of Brazilian elections

Brazil will go to the polls next Sunday, 7 october, to choose the next President of the country, together with the total renovation of the Chamber of Deputies, two thirds of the Federal Senate, State Deputies and Governors. See below the infographics to understand the Brazilian electoral process. Este artículo se encuentra disponible en Castellano. According to the latest survey

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Cuales son las expectativas de la primera vuelta de las elecciones brasileñas

Brasil acudirá a las urnas el próximo domingo 7 de octubre para elegir al próximo Presidente del país, junto con la renovación total de la Cámara de Diputados, dos tercios del Senado Federal, los Diputados de Estado y los Gobernadores. Vea abajo las infografías para entender el proceso electoral brasileño. This article is available in English. Según la última encuesta

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Promoting EU leadership for democracy: Celebration of the International Day of Democracy 2018

The Office of International IDEA to the European Union celebrated the International Day of Democracy (15 September) by co-organizing a high-level conference on, ‘EU leadership for democracy’, at the European Parliament in Brussels on 18 September 2018. Organizing partners were the European Endowment for Democracy, European Partnership for Democracy and European Network of Political Foundations, with the support of the

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Electoral Processes – Development Policy in Practice Workshop

More than 30 students from Uppsala University visited International IDEA HQ on 9 October 2018 as part of their undergraduate course in ‘Development Policy in Practice.’ During their visit, the Electoral Processes Team organized a three-hour workshop focusing on the intersection between elections and development—and how this plays out in practice. Therese Pearce Laanela, Head of Electoral Processes Unit, made

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Fellowship by Bhutan Parliament secretariat to Tasmania

Two secretarial officers from the Bhutanese Parliament underwent a vigorous two-weekFellowship Programme from 20-31 August 2018 at the state parliament of Tasmania, Australia. The Fellowship Programme was part of regular fellowship programme facilitated by International IDEA since 2014 as part of strengthening institutional capacity of the Parliament of Bhutan. The Tasmanian Parliament was onthe priority list of the Parliament of

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