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DG SANTE audit slams Croatia for insufficient protection of animals during transport

Photo credits: © Animals International DG SANTE released a report from an audit carried out in Croatia in September 2018 to check animal protection measures for transported animals being loaded onto vessels for further transport to non-EU countries. Rasa port is one of the major exit point for live animals destined for hird countries: in four days, 101 trucks transporting

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Commission commits to integrating fish welfare into EU aquaculture development

For the first time ever, fish welfare has been the subject of a debate during the Plenary session of the European Parliament – resulting in Commissioner Neven Mimica affirming that animal welfare has to be integrated into the long-term development of EU aquaculture. 39 MEPs from across the spectrum of political groups asked in today’s plenary debate why, in spite

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Vast majority of EU citizens call for better broiler chicken welfare

There’s a stark contrast between citizens’ views on how broiler chickens should live and the reality of industrial farms. A recent survey – the first ever to ask EU citizens about their understanding of broiler chicken welfare – shows that an overwhelming majority want chickens’ lives to be significantly improved, and demand both better welfare laws and more transparent labelling.

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Open Letter to Official Veterinarians to refuse to approve animal transports to third countries

Three Bavarian districts have refused to give certificates that approve the export of live animals to third countries. Eurogroup for Animals calls on the Official Veterinarians of all the Member States to follow their example. Dear Official Veterinarians, We are writing to seek your support in the fight against the cruelty related to live animal transport to non-EU countries. The

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The European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment votes for a more humane CAP

On February 14, the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment (ENVI Committee) voted its report on the CAP legislation, adopting amendments to the Commission’s proposal for the new CAP that are particularly favorable to farm animal welfare. If passed, these provisions could represent a game changer for animals used for food in Europe. More safeguards in the distribution of agricultural

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Fish and fish products to be included in EU-US tariff talks

EU-US negotiations on eliminating tariffs for “industrial” goods will cover fish ad fish products. In the light of such news, it is unacceptable for the EU not to include provisions on fish welfare and a proper Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapter in the mandate for these negotiations. EU institutions are currently discussing the draft mandates published by the European

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Parliament demands bold steps to reduce and replace live animal transport

Copyright: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals with Eyes on Animals Today the European Parliament massively called for the gradual replacement of live animal transport, a more regional model of livestock production, the forceful implementation of the EU Transport Regulation (EC 1/2005), and a ban on live exports if EU animal welfare standards are not respected. They also called for the

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VoteForAnimals2019 offers opportunity for MEP candidates to (re)connect with citizens and win votes

#Vote4Animals Tomorrow, Eurogroup for Animals will launch its VoteforAnimals2019 campaign to put animal welfare at the heart of the next European elections. The campaign will also inform and motivate Europeans to vote in favour of animal-friendly candidates. Animal welfare matters to EU citizens, ranking highly alongside and with an impact on pressing societal concerns such as climate change and biodiversity

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EU’s trade agreement with Singapore: ambitious implementation strategy for animals needed

Photo: Coleen Rivas Today, the European Parliament adopted the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. The animal-related provisions included in the agreement are weak. While Singapore is known for being a wildlife trafficking hub and a centre for animal testing – both priorities for the EU – neither of these issues are addressed in the text. At the same time, among Asian

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EAT-Lancet dietary recommendations are a “win-win” for human health and the environment – but not for the animals stuck in intensive farms

Photo credit: Intergroup On January 16, 37 leading scientists representing 16 countries published a study recommending a plant-based diet for the benefit of the planet. The EAT-Lancet’s report is the latest in a long series of studies recommending dietary choices as a way to fix the world’s broken food systems, but overlooks a key first step: curbing the excesses of

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