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Eurogroup for Animals

Brexit impasse poses threats to animal welfare

How, indeed whether, Britain will leave the European Union on the 29th March will impact animals and their welfare. Political paralysis in the UK means however that there are more questions than answers at the turn of 2019. The British political system is currently torn between several factions, all of whom have their own vision of Brexit and how it

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EU-Japan Trade Agreement is a fact, despite weak provisions on animal welfare

Photo credits: © Greenpeace / Kate Davison The European Parliament has finally given its consent to the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (JEEPA), which unfortunately is a missed opportunity to advance the protection of animals. In addition, the enforcement mechanisms available to ensure the agreement’s cooperation mechanisms deliver impact remain desperately weak. Japan is the fifth egg producer in the world

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New report aims at higher welfare cage-free egg production in the EU

> Read the report < 20 years after the EU adopted a ban on ‘battery cages’, driven by consumer demand and evolving societal expectations, the EU, Member States and producers have to prepare for a successful transition to cage-free egg production. To accompany this process and ensure it delivers optimal welfare for laying hens, Eurogroup for Animals presents recommendations based

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Rearing pigs with intact tails in the EU: progress remains slow, but Commission increases pressure on member states

Photo credits: © Dyrevernalliansen The first meeting at DG SANTE of the pig welfare sub-group of the European Platform on Animal Welfare took place on 26 November in GRANGE (Directorate F). The meeting was followed on 27-28 November by a full program of updates and workshops, involving Member States and invited stakeholders, dedicated to the Action Plan to improve enforcement

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The true cost of poor farm animal welfare: tons of animal feed contaminated with antimicrobial resistance genes

Photo credits: Djurens Rätt The contamination of several thousands of tons of animal feed with a genetically-modified vitamin causing antimicrobial resistance is yet another evidence of the risks factory farming poses to animal and human health. The intensive livestock sector’s overreliance on feed supplements to ensure the survival of animals kept in conditions unnatural to their species proves to be

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Eurogroup for Animals in Kyiv to discuss lack of progress on animal welfare

The EU-Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), entered in provisional application in January 2016 and came fully into force in September 2017. The case of the Ukraine is an important one for animal welfare. The EU has included strong language on regulatory alignment in the field of animal welfare in exchange of providing very generous trade preferences to

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The European Commission supports the production of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy

In a special report on the development of plant proteins in the European Union, the European Commission recognizes that plant-based alternatives are gaining popularity in Europe. In addition to providing details on the promising market share for meat and dairy alternatives, the report lists a set of recommendations and funding opportunities available to producers to develop the sector of plant-based

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Booming online puppy trade: Illegal, fraudulent and heartbreaking for dogs and buyers

The illegal dog trade is a booming industry all over Europe. 8 million puppies are annually needed to supply the demand making the online trade worth over more than 1 billion euros. The online trade has not only a huge impact on the welfare and health of the animals involved, but also on the internal market through unfair competition and

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New EU political impetus to end painful piglet castration

Surgical piglet castration is a painful management practice, widespread across Europe despite strong societal opposition. Today’s announcement at the EU Platform for Animal Welfare of the creation of a voluntary subgroup to find more humane alternatives marks a renewed political impetus to streamline available solutions, with support from a wide range of stakeholders. The decision coincides with today’s handover to

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Commission report urges Member States to improve animal welfare and conservation efforts of zoos

An European Commission evaluation report published last week concluded that the Council Directive 1999/22/EC (known as the “Zoo Directive”) fits for purpose and plays a crucial role with regard to conservation of biodiversity. The report also points out that a more effective and efficient application of the Directive’s requirements is needed to improve the welfare of the animals in zoos

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