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European Union Court of Justice questions wolf hunting permits granted in Finland

Photo © Ronnie Macdonald Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union (EUJC) delivered its opinion on the permits granted by the Finnish Wildlife Agency to kill wolves – a seriously endangered species in Finland – to prevent poaching and harm to hunting dogs. The EUCJ considers that Finland has failed to scientifically demonstrate that hunting reduces poaching

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EU citizens want better protection of endangered animals in the EU

Credit: © Ronnie Macdonald European citizens would like better protection for endangered animals and plants, according to a new Eurobarometer survey. The survey results on European citizens’ awareness of and views on biodiversity and nature, including the EU’s role in preventing biodiversity loss, were made public on 9th May, revealing that European citizens agree widely on our responsibility to look

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What on Earth have we done?

Photo © jackmac Animal and environment advocates are used to reading upsetting news every day, but this week has seen one of the most devastating announcements ever. Biodiversity is undergoing an unprecedented decline – and it’s directly related to the way we keep animals for food production and trade them for our pleasure. A landmark report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy

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The future of Europe means more animal welfare, say Europe’s citizens

Photo: © European Union, 2019 For European citizens, animal welfare is as important as freedom of expression and more important than combating corruption when stating their top priorities for the future of Europe. The news came when the contents of a final report of the first EU-wide citizens’ consultation on future priorities of the EU was revealed this week, ahead

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Members swing into action for World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2019

On this 40th World Day for Animals in Laboratories (#WDAIL), several animal protection organisations are raising awareness of animal experimentation and calling for concrete scientific policies that can promote a move towards scientific research that doesn’t use animals. More than 115 million animals are used per year in scientific procedures worldwide. With current policies, this number is not expected to

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Baby steps for animal welfare in the CAP – but boat missed for systemic change

While Eurogroup for Animals today welcomes the inclusion of animal welfare in the Common Agricultural Policy’s ‘eco-scheme’ incentive programme, disappointment persists over missed opportunities to fundamentally reform the one piece of legislation which most affects the lives of the seven billion farm animals raised and slaughtered each year in the EU. Animal welfare was first brought into the CAP in

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EU momentum building: Belgium to ban ivory trade

NGOs call on EU to close its ivory market Joint press release by Born Free Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Eurogroup for Animals, Environmental Investigation Agency, Humane Society International/Europe, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Pro Wildlife, Robin des Bois, Wildlife Conservation Society Brussels (26 March 2019) – Last week Belgium’s House of Representatives unanimously supported proposals to ban commercial trade

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DG SANTE audit slams Croatia for insufficient protection of animals during transport

Photo credits: © Animals International DG SANTE released a report from an audit carried out in Croatia in September 2018 to check animal protection measures for transported animals being loaded onto vessels for further transport to non-EU countries. Rasa port is one of the major exit point for live animals destined for hird countries: in four days, 101 trucks transporting

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Commission commits to integrating fish welfare into EU aquaculture development

For the first time ever, fish welfare has been the subject of a debate during the Plenary session of the European Parliament – resulting in Commissioner Neven Mimica affirming that animal welfare has to be integrated into the long-term development of EU aquaculture. 39 MEPs from across the spectrum of political groups asked in today’s plenary debate why, in spite

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Canada’s new rules on animal transport fall very short

Since the provisional entry into force of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in September 2017, Canadian beef imports into the EU have rocketed from 267 tons in 2016 to 909 tons in 2018. The transport of animals such as cows had been selected as a topic on which the EU and Canada would cooperate and provides an

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