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Is the new President-elect of the Commission committed to making a change for animals?

Animal protection organisations are hopeful following the election of Ursula von der Leyen as the next President of the European Commission after a majority of MEPs voted in favour of her appointment tonight. While animals or agriculture weren’t mentioned in her statement addressing the European Parliament today, von der Leyen did express support for renewed actions to improve animal welfare

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“Australia has stopped live transport during high temperatures. Let’s not lag behind” – Commissioner Andriukaitis

Today’s Agri-Fish Council meeting saw a debate on live animal transport by the ministers in attendance, with the majority supporting Commissioner Andriukaitis’ call for the suspension of journeys during summer. In his opening speech on the topic, the Commissioner stated that Australia has banned live export during the summer season, stating that “the EU cannot lag behind.” He welcomed initiatives

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Aquaculture Advisory Council pushes for an end to slaughter without stunning

Photo: © Ace Aquatec One of fish farming’s cruelestpractices could be on its way towards being a thing of the past if the Commission and the Member States act on a position paper adopted by the Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) this week. The paper, ‘Fish Welfare at Slaughter Recommendations’, stresses the need for effective stunning techniques for fish at the

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KFC signs the European Chicken Commitment

Photo: ©World Animal Protection KFC (UK and Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden) will be signing up to the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) in full. The move commits the world’s second-largest restaurant chain to improving the lives of all chickens within their supply chain by 2026. KFC will be working very closely with suppliers and several non-governmental organisations, including World

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Ignoring legally binding animal welfare standards, Romania is exporting 70,000 sheep to the Persian Gulf

Photo: ©Animals Australia Despite efforts this week to stop the cruel shipment of 70,000 sheep from Romania to the Persian Gulf, the trucks have arrived at Midia and loading operations are now starting. Romanian authorities have flouted Commissioner Andriukaitis’ call on Thursday to the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to stop the transport to Kuwait, Qatar and the

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Commissioner Andriukaitis asks the Romanian Minister to stop the shipment of 70.000 sheep

Photo: ©Animals Australia Today Commissioner Andriukaitis has called on Petre Daea, the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, to stop the cruel shipment of 70,000 sheep from Romania to the Persian Gulf. This is welcomed by Eurogroup for Animals and its member organisation Animals Australia, which carried out investigations of this terrible practice in previous summers and has been

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Finnish Presidency has positive plans for animals

Photo: R. Reverie The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union starts today, with the advancement of animal welfare included in their Presidency Programme. The new Presidency comes at the start of a new political term in Brussels and Strasbourg, and is therefore key in setting the tone of the new term. Finland’s promise in its Presidency Programme

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Eurogroup for Animals calls on the Parliament to raise concerns for animals in Vietnam

On Sunday, the EU officially signed the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. The language it contains on animals is weak compared to the most recent EU FTAs, particularly as Vietnam is a key country for aquaculture and fisheries, and a recognised hotspot for wildlife trafficking. Eurogroup for Animals calls on the European Parliament to demand the European Commission makes full use

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Despite EU Commission’s heat wave alert, most Member States are continuing to transport animals

Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / WeAnimals with Eyes On Animals If you’ve been feeling the heat this week, imagine what it’s like for animals crammed into trucks for transportation – often for several days or weeks – without receiving water and veterinary care, and in temperatures largely exceeding 30 degrees. Despite a warning from the EU Commission to EU Member

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Why the EU-Mercosur agreement is bad news for European animals

Photo: Eduardo Amorim The EU and Mercosur – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay – are close to concluding their trade agreement after 20 years of negotiations, but from an animal welfare perspective, the text on the table is extremely worrying. Additional liberalisation in many key animal-based products such as beef and chicken will not include the condition to better respect

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