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69 animal advocacy organisations urge the EU to replace CO2 stunning of pigs by 2025

Photo: L214 Eurogroup for Animals and its 69 member organisations are calling for a move away from high concentration CO2 stunning of pigs, a common method of slaughter that causes acute pain and severe suffering. In a newly released position paper, the organisations are calling for investments from the industry and national and EU decision makers to find a painless

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No European money for Ukrainian poultry company

Photo credit: Otwarte Klatki / Andrew Skowron Faced with strong opposition, MHP, the main Ukrainian poultry meat company exporting to the EU, has withdrawn its application for a grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Over the past five months, Eurogroup for Animals and its Member organisations have urged the European Union and its Member States to

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Event will press for animal-free innovation in life sciences

The number of animals used in experiments is far from decreasing, even though the Commission – on several occasions and in several documents – has adopted the goal of fully replacing the use of animals in science. Scientists and institutions that are working to develop and promote non-animal methods are constantly frustrated by the very little support they receive for

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Zoos Directive Good Practices Document now available in eight languages

Photo credit: © Sarah Stockman How do you say ‘appropriate husbandry for captive lions’ in Bulgarian? Or in Polish, Spanish or German? You need wonder no more, because the European Commission has finally translated their Zoos Directive Good Practices Document into seven more languages. When the Zoos Directive (Council Directive 1999/22/EC) was transposed into national legislation, it was interpreted differently

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Member States should protect their wolves, says the European Court of Justice

Photo credit: Tahoe Beetschen The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed the strict protection of the wolf in Europe, saying that hunting permits should be delivered only in exceptional cases, and as a very last resort after non-lethal measures have been adequately implemented and have failed. This good news for the species came last week when the

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Eurogroup for Animals launches its report on labelling at the WTO Public Forum

Photo credit: © WTO Would a mandatory method-of-production label be compliant with the rules of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)? We say it could, and this is what we proposed at the WTO Public Forum on 11th October. Eurogroup for Animals – jointly with the RSPCA and with other funders of the Trade Programme (Deutscher Tierschutzbund, Four Paws, Dierenbescherming and

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Save The Date: 13 November, “Breaking Point: Solving the European Wildlife Crisis”

Photo credit: © Jeff S. PhotoArt REGISTER HERE (BY 6 NOVEMBER) Along with Martin Hojsik MEP and the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, Eurogroup for Animals will be hosting an event at the European Parliament, “Breaking Point: Solving the European Wildlife Rescue Crisis” on 13th November 2019. The event will be organised in collaboration with the European

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New parliament commits to acting for animals in the new term

Photo © Dani Oshi MEP Anja Hazekamp today promised to drive “many more resolutions over the coming years” towards the EC in her role as President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, following a promise made by President-elect of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen to take resolutions from the EP more seriously. The stalemate around

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Sixth ECI calls for end of cages for farmed animals

Photo © Compassion in World Farming A total of 1,617,405 citizens have signed the EndTheCageAge European Citizens’ Initiative to make cages history for farmed animals – and yesterday NGOs, MEPs and EU citizens came together in Brussels to celebrate the closing of the campaign, which sends a strong and clear message to the EU Commission and the Council of the

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First ever EU guidelines on horses endorsed by EU Platform on Animal Welfare

The sixth meeting of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare yesterday endorsed the first ever pan-European guidelines to good animal welfare practice for the keeping, care, training and use of horses – a landmark moment for horse welfare at EU level. Back in 2016, Eurogroup for Animals and World Horse Welfare identified gaps in knowledge as the number one issue

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